Heart problems 2014

My heart problems returned in 2014. Here is a short diary of the weeks leading up to the World Championship in Greece

28/9 – Had to cancel the Spanish Championships in Torrevieja halfway through the final due to heart problems. (Heavy blow since I struggled with heart problems between 2008 and 2011 before finally undergoing heart surgery) The World Championships in Greece is not even three weeks away. 

29/9 – Back in Sweden. Tried to train but had to stop after 3min. Symptoms with erratic and high pulse were still there. Called my heart surgeon who told me that it was “preferable” but unlikely that I had got the same problem as before. It was more likely that my heart had developed some new problem which meant bad news.

30/9 – At the hospital since my rest pulse was at 90 (my rest pulse is normally at 37) and still erratic. There is also risk to get blood clot and stroke if you go more than 24h with erratic pulse. Got a blood thinning shot to avoid blood clot and stroke. 

1/10 – At the hospital. Doctors checked my heart for blood clot. Later they sent an electric shot with a defibrillator to get the pulse back in order. They told me it looked like the same problems I had before, which was “good news”. Got an ok to train at own risk with the obvious risk that the symptoms could come back at any time. Discussed with my heart surgeon that I can maybe avoid some triggers, which might be a short term solution. A second heart operation is likely in the future. Went directly to the gym to train to see test the heart. 60min on the cross trainer. Went fine. 

2/10 – Weight Lifting before work – Check. The big test was later in the evening to see if Greece was still possible. If I would go to Greece I wanted to feel confident that my body, heart and espessially my mind could give 100%. The session was 10x4min (1min rest) in race pace. Olle Andersson drove up from Malmö to give me some good sparring in the 1x (and probably to check so I didn't do anything stupid). I ended up pushing myself harder and faster than I have ever done. The session went well and the numbers were really good. (Thank you, Olle)

3-13/10 – Good and hard sessions. Feeling more confident by each one

14-16/10 – In Greece. Did some easy sessions, adjusting the racing boat. Feeling good, but nervous

17/10 – Qualification heats. Took a comfortable 3rd place and qualified for the A-final

18/10 – Just crossed the finish line, fulfilling my long term goal in becoming the World Rowing Coastal Champion. First I raised my arms towards the sky, saluting mom. Then I shouted out a primal scream: 100% adrenaline and 100% joy.

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Thank you, Sagar Sen for the great picture!