World Championships, Thonon France


My preperation for a World Championship have gone better to say the least. After a slow start of the year after my heart surgary I felt that I was steadily getting better and faster. Even more so with the three wins in a row in England and Denmark.

The back injury 6 weeks before the championship proved to be a heavy blow. Even if I hoped that I would come back in time for the WRCC, I lacked the power and speed neccessary for a top performance. 

With a poor back, I hoped that the conditions would be rough so I could use my tecniche and experience in waves. But unlucky for me, it was the calmest Chamionship so far. 

I managed to qualify to the A-final, but the qualification race was not as easy that I am used to.

In the final it became painfully obvious that I was not in medal contention. I finished in 14th place which was a uge disapointment. 

Bad finish of an otherwise ok comeback year. I will take some time to consider if I have enough motivation to continue to race for the upcoming year.