Regatta in Monte Carlo


With the World Championship taking place in Monte Carlo later this year, the Prince Albert regatta attracted many coastal rowers across Europe. Also me, Dennis and Maria from Coastal Rowing Team Sweden. Very early in the season for Swedish rowers since we barely have been rowing on water compared to our competitiors. Which also showed in the results. We got one gold medal (split win) and some so and so results. But the 2016 is on the way, lessons learned and we will get faster.

Men´s 1x race

Dennis and I rowing in the Mens single. For me personally it became a anticlimatic race. My footstretcher came loose at the very first stroke of the race. Very frustrating and I had trouble getting a good rythm and finished a very mediocre 8th place. Dennis also performed less than expected with a 6th place.

Racing in the 1x

Men´s 2x race

Dennis and I decide

d to team up for the 2x race. Quite fun since we never rowed together in a coastal race before. We started fast but slightly unstable, were in 2nd place most of the way before doing a final dash the last 600m for the win. We overtook the lead with 100m to go, but right at the finish line we caught up with a bunch of quads who started in the race before us. We crashed into a German 4x who failed to give way and had to keep their slower pace across the line. It looked like we had won despite the crash but there was a lot of confusion from the organisors. They later decided to award both us and the Italian crew the gold medal since they didn´t really know who were first over the line. Good race but little frustrating finish which is a organising failure*

*should be a bigger time gap in between races. Especially in such a race as Prince Albert wich has both World Class rowers as well as "competing just for fun" rowers.

Dennis and I getting ready for the 2x race

Racing in the 2x with Dennis

Gold medal after some confusion

Women´s 1x

Maria struggled with a cold but could still finish at 5th place in the Saturday race and a 4th place in the Sunday race. Ok for not being 100% physically, but she´ll definately be faster when she is well. 

Maria getting ready to start in the Womens 1x

To finish the weekend we took a tradition of running as far up we could manage. This time we manage to find our way to the Orange Lab which had a very nice view over Monte Carlo.

A nice view during a morning run in Monte Carlo