National Sprint Championships


Back and heart felt good leading up to the National Sprints and it felt like I was finally getting back into racing form and getting some speed into the boat. I felt a bit uncertain of my current status as a sprinter since I had missed a lot of interval training due to injury and heart problems. Nevertheless I thought I had a good chance to medal and if everthing went 100% I might even win. I have won the National Sprints in the Single three times before, but it has been 5 years since my last win.

I got 2nd fastest times in the time trial and which qualified me for quater final. I won that one to go to the semifinals. I lost there to Karl Stålberg by 0.2sec and had to settle for the Bronze Match, which I won.

I both pleased and disappointed with the result. Little disappointed with my tactic and effort in the semis, but very pleased that heart and body felt good.