Win in Barcelona


I got an invite from the Real Club Maritim de Barcelona to attend their first Coastal Rowing regatta. I really like Barcelona so I could hardly pass. Their ambition is to hold the Spanish Championship as well as the World Championship within a few years.

The weather was fantastic. Since the summer weather back home so far has been a disappointment it was nice to come to a 30 degree sunny Spanish City.

There were two races during the weekend. One unofficial race on Saturday and the official championship race on Sunday. The conditions were tougher than expected but fun. In the end I won both races quite easily.

In the lead around the last turning point with the famous "W Barcelona hotel" in the background

With the heart issues and back problems earlier this season it was a nice indication that my shape is getting better.... and it was nice to be back as a winner.

Recieving the trophy as the Winner of the "Open Royal Maritim Barcelona Coastal"

Thank you, Real Club Maritm de Barcelona, for a great race and special thanks to Sonia who went further and beyond to provide great hospitality.