"Brawl at City Hall" - rematch


"Mästarträffen" (e.g. meeting of Champions) is a yearly event organized by HISO (Helsingborgs Sports Committe) and the city of Helsingborg where HISO invites all the champions of different sports who represent Helsingborg. To be invited you have to win either a Swedish, Nordic, European or World Championship the previous year.

Rematch of the famous "Brawl at the City Hall"


I really enjoy the event and I think it´s really great that HISO organizes this event. It´s always nice to visit City Hall but formost it´s very nice to meet great athletes from different sports. Among others I got to meet my firend, Mats Nilsson, a tripple World Champion in Submission Wrestling and Pro in MMA. For fun we did a "rematch" of our last meet back in 2012: "Brawl at City Hall". I aslo ran into Anna Svenstrup (the younger sister of my good friend Anders) who is a young, talented and Swedish Champion golfer.

This is my 8th time coming to the event, although the first time I´ve been there as a World Champion. Since our club also won the National Championship for inriggers, I had the joy to share the event with more rowers. (Andreas Stensson, Jonathan Wright, Nils-Peter Aulisio, Daniel Böcker and I won the event in Stockholm in August last year) 

Representing HRK: Andreas, Daniel, Deliah, Nils-Peter, Ulrika, Therese, Jonathan and myself

Representing HRK: Andreas, Daniel, Delia, Nils-Peter, Ulrika, Therese, Jonathan and myself


The original "Brawl at City Hall" from 2012

The original "Brawl at City Hall" in 2012