Training and info weekend with the Swedish Rowing Federation


Last weekend I was in Jönköping with the Swedish Rowing Federation. The purpose was to give some info to the athletes who are aiming to join the 2015 National Team (for traditional rowing). For the last couple of seasons I´ve been thinking of making a comback in traditional rowing, but it feels I have had some trouble to make a successful one. Having troubles with injuries both in 2012 and 2014 (and my moms death in 2013). This year I will once again have a go at it to see how fast I can get. I also see the tradional rowing can benefit me and make me faster in the preperations for the Coastal World Champs in Lima.  

We combined the info with having fun, long and tough training training sessions at the very inspirational Concept showroom. As illustraded by my rowing colleague from Falkenberg, Rasmus Melin, the sessions were fun but also quite tough.

"Training sessions....done. Body...done"

The inspirational show room at Cocept, Jönköping