To my heroes at "Arytmicenter"


Last Friday I went through my 2nd heart operation and I want to say thanks to my heart surgeon and my personal hero, Fariborz Tabrizi, that made it possible.

The operation of my diagnose “Heart flutter” has a quite high success rate of 90-95%. Unfortunately for me the heart has very high heeling factor, which in my case forced me to undergo the operation a 2nd time. Because of my heavy training my heart is quite big and thick and just to make sure Fariborz used special tools this time to make the cuts extra deep and to optimize the probability of making them permanent this time.

My deepest and profound gratitude to my hero, Fariborz Tabrizi, who has now prolonged my rowing career twice.

Not only is Fariborz a great surgeon but he also took special care. He took the time to take my call when my heart problems came back in Sept/Oct. Thanks to the conversations and that I got many of my questions answered. I could take the proper measures to prepare for the World Championship in the best way possible (even I think it was a surprise to him that I actually competed and even more that I managed to win).

Thank you, Fariborz. You are a fantastic surgeon, a great person and my hero!

Also a great big thank you to the great nurses with a fantastic sense of humor: Susanne Groot-Jensen, Gunilla Burhagen and Helen Janfjäll.

Thanks again and Stay Awesome!

Enjoying a cup of coffee after surgary

Some personal notes of the operation

1. Wearing the hospital backside-front-shirt (flashing my bare butt). I realize I've seen "One flew over the cuckoo's nest" too many times. So tempted to run like crazy and shout "You'll never catch me nurse Ratchet" =)

2. Two female nurses pulling off my undies pre-op. First time for everything =)

3. You get a free shave of your inner thigh and outer thigh =)

4. Only on one leg though. Looks hilarious  =)