Roller coaster week


This week has certainly been a roller coaster ride emotionally. During the Spanish Championships I had to abort the race for heart problems. Since my heart operation in 2011, I´ve had accotions when my heart felt wierd but wouldn´t really want to acknowledge it. Now I couldn´t look the other way anymore. This was of course very devastating, especially with the World Championships coming up in just a few weeks.

Before my heart rate would go back to normal after one or a few hours. This time however, it just wouldn´t go back. I tried to do a slow training session on Monday but got a racing pulse after just one minute. After three I hade to stop with my heart rate well over my max heart rate.

On Tuesday I noticed that my heart rate was still weird so I went to the hospital. If the pulse is disrupted for more than 24 hours there is a risk for blood clot and other nasty things. I had now gone 48 hours. I got a blood thinning shot and the day after they checked for blood clot in my heart and zapped me with a defibrillator to get my heart back on the right track. I also received the diagnose what was wrong with my heart, which was the same trouble I had before the operation. Of all the possible bad diagnosis this was at least one of the best ones.

I got an ok from the doctors to both train and compete with the obvious risk that the symptoms can come back at any time. A second operation is likely. Since I´m a firm believer that you should get back on the horse as soon as possible, I did my first training session hours after leaving the hospital. The day after I did a REALLY tough session on water, pushing my self to the limit to see if my body and my heart could take the effort. The session went really well and the results were very pleasing. I´ve not given up on the World Champs in Greece yet. If I can avoid what triggers the heart condition and if I can give 100%, I can still fight for the medals.

Getting back in the saddle (...or on the slide)