Danish Coastal Open


For the Danish Open I had made an entry in two races, the Mens 1x and the Mens 2x. I managed to win the 1x fairly easily but the most exiting race was certainly the Mens 2x. Extremely proud my rowing partner, Henrik Bruhn who did his first coastal race. Before the race I was hoping we might place top 5, but we had a great start and was in 2nd place around the first turning point and had a great battle with the two giant rowers from Bagsveard who were in first place. Henrik battled through the fatigue and kept good pace in the stroke seat. With 2k to go we made our move and got a boat length(!) We kept on going and made it to the beach and Henrik could do a great sprint finish and cross the finish line in first place. Still can't believe it. Sadly, after the race we got a very undeserved 60s penalty which moved us to 2nd place. But awesome work, Henrik. In my book you're a champion!

Henrik starting the beach finish to cross the finish line in first place as I got caught of guard and tipped the boat. Great race, Henrik!