Jersey Carteret Race - 28km


I was very happy to get my old team mate and great friend Andreas Stensson along for this adventure. We received great hospitality from Carteret Rowing Club who helped us with boat and accomandaion.

It was nice to visit Carteret and of course Jersey. I read about the great tide changes but to see them yourself was still amazing.

The race was a 28km row from Jersey to Carteret. Not only would the race be long, but also a challenge to navigate since you didn´t have the sight of land to help you navigate. As well as keeping track of the strong currents.

The race started well and we took the lead. After 3km we started slowing down and we got passed to 2nd place. As we approached 8km we were still slowing down and the guys in third place were catching up fast. I was worried, either Andreas had crashed and burned (which would leave a long way to the finish line) or we have caught something in our fin. I hoped for the latter and we did two quick 90 degree turns to shake it off whatever was stuck. A HUGE chunk of sea weed came loose and we started gaining speed again. In the process we lost 2nd place and were now fighting to be on the podium position. We fought our way all the way the finish making a huge effort the last 5k which helped us to take back the 2nd place spot.

Thank you Jersey Rowing Club and Carteret Aviron de Mer for a great race and thank you Andreas for a fun adventure.