Skovshoved Coastal Open


The regatta took place at Skovshoved, Denmark. I competed of course in the single but due to an injury on a team mate, I also competed in the doubles with Nils-Peter Aulisio.

The weather offered mixed weather, strong wind and good waves. In other words, great coastal conditions.

The single was decided over 3km, which is half the distance compared to the World Championship. Even though that I suspected that I would not recieve much challenge in the race, I decided that I would press hard and take it as a good rehersal for the World Championship in Helsingborg. The race went well and the margin of victory was roughly 3.5 minutes.

The Double was decided over 6km. There was slightly less wind for this race, but the waves were still a bit tricky. After been challenged initially by two boats, we took control of the race before the first turn. After that we extended our lead throughout the race. The margin of victory was a bit less than 2minutes.

Good rehersal. Next coastal race will be the World Rowing Coastal Championship =)