Training camp CZE - "Racice or Bust"


Our road trip continued to Racice, Czech Republic and joining the Swedish National Team Training Camp. This was the 10th time I´ve been to Racice and I must admit that I have a love/hate relationship to the place. The course is artificial, dug out, rectangular 2k lake which is made for rowing. No motorboats allowed (no wake!) and all the coaches can follow their rowers on a bike path along the track. The surroundings are not very stimulating, though. Rowing is basically all the you can do. This time around I was very grateful to limit my thoughts to rowing. The conditions during our stay were pretty harsh. -3 to +3 degrees, windy, cloudy, and a bit of snow. Luckily both Daniel and I were so excited to row in the new boats, so we didn´t notice that much that it was actually absolutely freezing.  

Daniel and I in Racice, Czech Republic