Skiffhead, Amsterdam


My club mate, Daniel, and I traveled to Amsterdam mainly to pick up our new racing shells from Hudson. But since we were traveling to Amsterdam, we decided to kill two birds with one stone and race in the traditional regatta “Skiffhead”.

My new racing shell. (Pretty cool colors if I may say so myself)

A 7.5k head race which attracted over 650 singles, a truly magnificent sight. It was also to first row in my brand new racing scull. We didn´t have time to make proper adjustments but it was all in good fun. The race felt better than expected. I passed 8 rowers on the way to the finish (and I didn´t get passed by anyone). My steering was however a bit off trough the bends of river Amstel. With having the flu a couple of weeks back and with my mother passing away, I was surprised that the rowing went that good. I finished 17th out of 650. With some better steering and better preparations I felt a top 3 would be in reach.

Next stop, Racice Czech Republic! 

Heading towards the starting line in the Skiffhead