Bye mom!


The training camp in Florida started not according to plan. I caught the flue on the flight over from Sweden which resulted in fever and frustrating enough no training the first week. Just as I had recoverd and started training again, my mother suddenly passed away.

Needless to say, my mom has been the most important person in my life.

Me and mom at the beach when I was a kid

While I was growing up she taught me to be strong, persistent, independant and believe in myslef. Both in words and by example. Through the heart problems this was crusial and if I hadn´t fought with the same determination that my mother had taught me, I would never surpassed it.

Me and my #1 supporter during a Open Water Swim Race in 2012. 

To honour my mother I will row with an armband. Mom disliked black and loved bright colors, so instead of a traditional black arm band, it will be in either yellow or pink. Bye mom, I will always be grateful for the 30 years we got together.