Back to reality


After three great weeks in magical Florida, it´s back to the cold and dark reality of living in Sweden during winter time.

It isn´t that bad though. For some reason a part of me loves it when it´s cold and dark. I enjoy pushing myself on the erg, either by myself or with another crazy SOB.

At times the Swedish Winter is really beautiful and provides you with some magnificant views. A few examples below.

A late Sunday row. A seal popping up his head to check out who just passed him

A seal (the small black spot in the water) popping up his head to check on the coastal single who just passed overhead

Beautiful scenary

View of the Danish Coastline. When it´s closer to -10C it´s a bit chilly

When it´s -10C it starts getting chilly


A nice evening run with club mates Olle and Per

Next stop - The Prince Albert Regatta in Monte Carlo this upcoming weekend.

Game on!