Training Camp - Florida


Just like the last couple of winters, I escape the Swedish winter chill and head of to Florida. At least for a couple of weeks. Even if I enjoy pushing myself on the erg (rowing machine) it´s fantastic to get back and train on water.

Me beside my rowing boat "Heart"

In action on water

The climate in Florida if perfect for rowing and there is no trouble to motivate oneself for long 20k sessions. Just make sure that you have enough fresh water with you.

To a Swedish rower the Floridan water is very exotic. You see dolphines, sting rays, pelicans, aligators (rare in salt water conditions - thank god) and manatees (sea cow). The Manatees can really give quite a scare when your rowing. My friends back home teased me how I could get scared of such a peaceful creature. Well the video below might give you a diferent view:

 A guy on a paddle board encountering a couple of manatees.

Beside from the great conditions and interesting wild life, you also get some trouly magnificant views.

A bird picking up chicks : "Hey. Wanna go to my place? I got a little shack down the river, number 22. I know it needs some work and that the red front is a little out of date, but it's got a killer waterfront view"


View of a Floridian sunset from my rowing boat