World Rowing Coastal Championship 2013 in Helsingborg


At times I have a hard time to believe it. Next August I will be competing in a World Championship in my home town, Helsingborg. Not only do I find this a truely awsome and unique experience for myself but also a great oppurtunity for Helsingborg and Swedish Rowing. I hope as many as possible take this chance to experience the Rock`n´Roll of rowing. The event will be held at Helsingborgs most popular beach between 15-17th of August and it´s going to be great festivities for both rowers and non-rowers.

Website is now launched:

It´s getting however more tangible each day. After number of meeting with FISA, politicians, other interests and also promoting the WRCC at a number of events it´s getting more and more real. Today the official web site is also up and running. Click to logo above to check it out. Below you can see a recent interview with Mats and myself at MIH at Dunkers Kulturhus.

Interview about WRCC at MiH at Dunkers Kulturhus together with Mats Leo