"There is no spoon"


My body is getting better and better by each week and since my back injury, I feel eager to do get back in top shape. My numbers keeps improving steadily, actually even at a faster rate than expected.

The other week I was training with Nils-Peter on the rowing machine. It was my second session of the day and my body was hurting from hard training the last couple of days. I almost got annoyed when he suggested the really tough 24min interval session (3 minute hard - 3 minute normal for 24 minutes x 2), not at all what I had in mind. My body felt wasted even on the warm up, but after a while I sterted thinking that in the end of a race, I will probably feel the same way. I decided to go at the same tempo as my personal best, switch my mind to reptile mode and see how far I would manage. Ended up beating my old record with 30 respectivly 50 meters.

Great result but it also shows how much of your performance is in your mind. "There is no spoon" a reference from the movie "The Matrix". A child explaining to the main character Neo how to bend a spoon.

My take at it - There are no limits. Nils-Peter and me during a session on the erg a couple of years ago