Preparing for season 2013


After years of heart problems I was really looking forward to a problem free season. After a great end of the 2011 season, some solid winter training, I felt very strong and was determined to make it my best season to date. The season started promising but my "out-for-the-rest-of-the-season" back injury in early June felt like a big anti-climax. But as all athletes know: you can´t be immune to injuries, even if it sure would be nice to be. With my back now finally healed (still have to do rehab´ exercises and train "smart") I´m starting to prepare for the 2013 season and I will be stronger than ever! And hopefully slightly wiser!

I´ve booked my next training camp. As previous winters I will spend time in Florida. Even if it´s still a few months away, I´m really looking forward to it. The perfect rowing conditions along with the warm and sunny weather makes it a very nice escape from the long and cold Swedish winter.

Next season will be very exciting. Especially the World Rowing Coastal Championships which will be held in Helsingborg next August. To be able to compete in a World Championship in ones hometown is a truly unique opportunity. A great motivator and I will train extra hard to do well at my home surf (e.g. home turf).

Me with my rowing boat in Florida

The logo for the 2013 World Rowing Coastal Championships