Good News - Back is starting to heal


The setback with back pain two weeks ago was tough. After being overjoyed to be able to swim and compete in some Open Water Races, I was again limited to only train on the cross trainer. Heart broken, I had to withdraw from the long distance swim race in Värnamo. A challenge I was looking forward to. It also unavoidably raised the question: "Is my back really healing at all?"

After being in physical pain and mentally low, I got some great help from my old massage therapist, Thomas Hellmér. My hamstrings and buttocks were both extremely stiff, most likely to protect my injured back, but now also contributing to the pain. After a grueling massage session it felt much better. I´m also starting to get my head in the right place. Doing some great sessions on the cross trainer.

Today, I finally got some good news. My back is starting to heal. Although it´s not 100%, I can start ad some more variation in my training. YES!!!

I´ve come back before and I´ll do so again