Season over due to injury


The dreaded diagnosis came today: Disk Bulge (diskutbuktning). After almost five weeks with back pain and being unable to row, I can´t say I was surprised. It was hard to say a date when I would be better, but a good guess was at least 1-3 months of additional rehab-training. Even if it could have been worse though with herniation (diskbråck) it is safe to say that the rest of this season is most likely wasted.

After going through (and finally defeating) years of heart problems, this back injury has struck a heavy blow. Even if my comeback was successful (World Championship-Bronze Medal, Win at the National Try-Outs and Winning over the Nordic Champion) it felt WAY too short. To be back in rehab training feels extremely demoralizing. After having seen many seasons effected or destroyed by my heart problems, I must admit I´m having a hard time to accept that loosing yet another season, this time to injury.

I will not give up though

"Quitters never win – Winners never quit"