The call


One year ago I recieved the call that would change everything


At work. Feeling low, feeling empty. It felt like I´ve done everything possible to come back the heart problems that had plauged me the last years. Despite my efforts I was still at square one. It was clear that I needed an operation, but it seemed like I would never get one. A couple days prior I took a final chance to salvage my rowing career and enterd the National Sprints. I managed to win the time trials with 2.5sec but in the semifinal I had to forfeit due to heart problems. Previously, I felt absolute determination to come back. Now, it felt like I had given it all in one final attempt and it had all fallen apart.

"Had all my efforts been a total waste? 

My office phone rings. I answer...

It takes me a couple of minutes to realize that the person on the other line wasn´t a costumer. He was in fact a heart surgeon from a clinic in Stockholm. He tells me that I have an operation on August 16th and that he is 100% confident that it will cure me. The referral was from Ronnie Willenheimer and all will go though "IF" (my insurance from work). The whole conversation is so unreal. I had waited and fought for an operation for such a long time, never getting closer. Now there was a man telling me I had an operation in August? I don´t recall saying anything during the call, probably in a slight chock. After telling me a few details more about the operation we hang up. I stare at the phone for a minute in disbelief, checking the call log a few times. I just couldn´t believe it. After a few minutes my colleague, Fred, asked me if I was ok.

"I got... I got the operation". I noticed tears were running down my face, and my voice was cracking up. I´m going to beat this thing...


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