Wake up call


Regatta in Gothenburg. Felt strong and that I was in great shape. As I arrived at the lake the water was absolutely flat, which felt very unusual for this regatta. Conditions would get tougher with more wind during the day. I didn´t mind though. Whatever the conditions, I felt very confident. I won my heat fairly easily and was qualified to the A-final of the Mens Open Single.

In the final. Woke up after 1500m. I was in tied 2nd position focusing way too much on technique in the rough water. I was barely tired, realizing that I´m in a 6k tempo. This is only 2000m and the race is almost finished. I quickly switched tempo, attempting to catch Russberg who was in the lead with a final sprint. It didn´t look pretty but it was fast. I almost caught up, but 0.8 sec separated us. I had 8.7 sec down to Gustavsson in third place.

I was very disappointed with my race. Why did I row so defensively the first 1500m? I could have rowed at least 10, maybe 20 seconds faster. Finally, I took this defeat as a wake up call that to be faster in 2k races I also need more 2k race training. This was after all only my 2nd 2000m race the last three years. I also missed some race training during spring training. If I can take something good from the race in Gothenburg it was that my shape must be pretty good. I raced poorly and still close to winning.

I will do my homework. I will do more 2k race training. Even though my big goal this year is the World Coastal Rowing Championships (which requires different type of training) in October, I think this type of training will be good for me. I will not do this misstake again.

Unusual sight - Flat water at lake Rådasjö

The flat water in the morning quickly changed to more challenging conditions.