National Team Comeback


The wins at the Matrix & the Mens Single at Ryrsjön along with a good perfomance in the Mens double scull resulted that I got selected to represent the National Team in the Olympic Boat Classes. I have represented Sweden in Coastal Rowing since 2007, but this ment I am also on the National Team in the Olympic Boats which is the first time since 2009. Another milestone reached in my comeback from my heart problems.

I will race for Sweden during the Holland Beker in Amsterdam in the Mens Open 2x together with "big guy" Anders Backeus representing Uppsala Akademiska Roddsällskap. Anders has a really impressive physique (during the weight lifting sessions in Czech Rebublic, I could swear he almost broke the bench for lying rowing in half), but what I like most about him is his hardcore attitude while training/racing. In Swedish: "Tugga-taggtråds-mentalitet". This team boat is a long term effort towards Rio 2016 but it will be fun to see if we can get some speed in the 2x already in Amsterdam.

Anders Backeus - Uppsalas pride and glory - will be my double partner in Amsterdam