"Winner, winner. Chicken dinner"


First 2k race in two years. First heart problem free 2k race in nearly three years ended in victory, seven seconds ahead of Nordic Champion, Pontus Gustavsson.

From left to right: Pontus Gustavsson - 2nd, me -1st, Christoffer Hansson - 3rd

Needless to say I was both excited and a bit nervous before this race. I knew my form was good, but I had missed some crucial race pace training. Would I be able to go fast enough? The heats didn´t pose too much of a problem. In the final I was very aggressive the first kilometre. At the half way point I dropped the stroke rate a bit and conserved my lead, no real threat of loosing it. With some more training at race pace I´m positive I will go even faster. Even if my performance was far from perfect, then win in my first 2k race in such a long time felt great. (This time last year, it looked like I would never do a 2k race ever again). I screamed out with joy as I passed the finish line. Nordic Champion, Pontus Gustavsson, claimed second place and a surprising third place went to young talent, Christoffer Hansson, who claimed his first ever medal in the Open Men’s Single.

Tomorrow I will join the big guy, Anders Backeus, from Uppsala in the double. We’ll have tough opposition in form a very fast light weight crew (who are aiming for the Olympics) as well as teams from Öresjö, Mölndal, Strömstad and Falkenberg.

A gold medal in the Mens Open Single has rarely felt this good.