Special moment in time



Just crossed the finish line of the 2011 World Coastal Rowing Championship

Found this picture (taken by Rosoria Pas) which captured a very special moment for me.

After three years of heart problems, struggles and fighting. After a heart surgary two months prior. After digging deep beyond the pain. After given it all despite the poor odds, making impossible possible. After making a final surge in the World Championship final in Bari when Medal was beyond reach, I crossed the finish line... collapsed... totally depleted. I lay there in my boat, breathing heavily, can´t move, pain in my whole body. No idea if my effort had given me a medal or not.

 Couldn´t care less about the pain - For the moment I couldn´t actually care less about the medal (30min later I found out I took Bronze) - For the first time in so long I feel totally at ease. I finally did it! I beat this thing!