Soar throat delays season start


Bad timing... A few days after the training camp in Czech Republic my throat got soar. At first it didn´t seam major, but it stopped me from competing in the 5k head race in Falkenberg. No cough, no headake, no feaver, just pain in my throat. But now I´ve had it for almost 2 weeks and starting to get worried. Got some antibiotics yesterday which I hope will cure me and fast. There will be seat racing with the Mens Project in just a few days time. Crossing my fingers that I will be able to take part.

I guess I´ve been pretty blessed the last 6 mounts with relatively few sick days, but it feels annoying to get sick now. But with some luck I will be back to training as usual, and racing shortly.

Eager to get some more sessions on lake Hjelmsjön