Racice, Czech Rebublic


Training Camp in Racice, Czech Rebublic. Mixed feelings of going here. It´s great for training with a 2000m course litterally made for rowing, but that´s also the only thing you can do here. Racice is a small village with a "staggering" population of 150 people, about 50km outside Prauge. The only restaurant is a nearby Bowling Ally which during our stay was closed for maintenance =P.

The "Wonderful" scenery from the courseLeft hand after 8 days in RaciceTypical Czech food: Knödel, sauerkraut, spinach and chicken.

Despite the awful weather (and the complete absence of anything else to do) the rowing and training went well. The new Swedish Team Captain has started a new Mens Team project, which I took part in. Even if I did well at the World Coastal Rowing Championship last fall, I still have to prove in still fast in the Olympic Boats after my heart surgary. We rowed a lot of doubles and quads. Got a few good technique exercises which I´m going to really work on.

Racing season is just around the corner. Falkenberg next weekend. Seat racing with the Mens Team project the week after. Then more racing etc.  

I can´t wait =)