World Champs 2013 in Helsingborg!!!!


Final candidates for the championship were Helsingborg and Barcelona. And Helsingborg won! Very proud of my club and our effort to bring this championship to Nordic Europe for the first time. Our own annual race "ÖCRR" will this year not only include the official 2013 WC track, it will also try out the new exciting beach finish at Helsingborgs popular beach strip "Fria Bad". Coastal Rowing Stars like World Champion, Giuseppi Alberti, will be attending. Exciting times for Swedish Rowing awaits!   

"2013 World Champs attributed to Helsingborg, Sweden" - Article from World Rowing

"Helsingborg gick före Barcelona" - Article from Helsingborgs Dagblad

Inspirational video from the World Championship in Bari last year: